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Straight Talk Users Sue Walmart And TracFone Over Throttling Of Unlimited Data Plans

Once again, a lawsuit calls into question the definition of “unlimited” when it refers to smartphone data plans. This time, the plaintiff claims that Straight Talk Wireless (a partnership between TracFone and Walmart) is effectively putting monthly data caps in place by throttling data speeds for users once they use a certain amount of data. Furthermore, alleges the complaint, users aren’t being told about the throttling until it’s too late. [More]

One of the items that has parents angry at Victoria's Secret.

Has Victoria’s Secret Already Pulled Controversial Teen-Targeted Collection?

Earlier this month, Victoria’s Secret launched an ad campaign featuring the slogan “Bright Young Things” for its Spring Break collection. Included in this collection were items like panties with “call me” written on the front or “wild” on the rear end — all of which seemed to marketed toward teens. Not surprisingly, some parents were upset and the collection appears to have vanished. [More]

The Limited Uses Hurricane Irene To Promote Sale

The Limited Uses Hurricane Irene To Promote Sale

Seems The Limited is taking a page from the Spirit Airlines marketing playbook. On Friday the clothing store sent around an email with the subject line, “Take that, Irene! We’re offering 40% off again.”