The Limited Uses Hurricane Irene To Promote Sale

Seems The Limited is taking a page from the Spirit Airlines marketing playbook. On Friday the clothing store sent around an email with the subject line, “Take that, Irene! We’re offering 40% off again.”

The email was to let people know that the sale that was hurricaned out last weekend would be rescheduled for Labor Day weekend. “Some of you couldn’t shop last weekend,” read the email, “so now EVERYBODY WINS! 40% OFF ORIGINAL TICKET PRICES.”

Yes, to all the people in Vermont who had their homes flooded by eight feet of water, you now are all winners, because it’s the perfect excuse to replace your soaked and moldy wardrobe with fashionable discount vestments from The Limited.

“I was a little shocked,” wrote tipster Jen. “I’m glad they’re extending their sale, but using the hurricane to promote it is a little upsetting.”

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