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Police: Woman Swilled Other Customers’ Drinks, Hit TGI Fridays Manager In Head With A Glass

It’s bad enough to purloin drinks from your fellow restaurant patrons, but police in upstate New York say one TGI Fridays customer added insult to injury by not only walking around sipping from other customers’ beverages, but she then allegedly smashed a drinking glass against the manager’s head after being told she’d have to leave. [More]

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TGI Fridays Sued For Not Printing All Drink Prices On Menu

Given the vast number of available cocktails and beers available at most bars, it’s rare — if not impossible — to see a list of prices for everything you could drink. But in a recently filed class action suit, a man in New Jersey alleges that TGI Fridays is deliberately omitting drink prices to trick customers into paying more than they should. [More]

It's all holdiay fun until someone takes a drone in the face.

British TGI Fridays Deploying “Mistletoe Drones” Because Romance Should Involve Mozzarella Sticks

Because drones ones are the cool new thing all the kids want to play with now at work — Amazon’s doing it, Google wants in, heck, even icefishers like’em — one TGI Friday’s in the UK is taking advantage of the drone craze to get diners in the mood over mozzarella sticks and potato skins this holiday season. [More]


TGI Fridays Offering Endless Appetizers, Would Prefer If You Don’t Share With Friends

TGI Fridays is throwing down the all-you-can-eat gauntlet with a new “Endless Appetizers” promotion this summer — but don’t think that means you and your friends can gorge together. [More]

TGI Fridays Servers Can Thank ‘Office Space’ For Their Lack Of Flair

TGI Fridays Servers Can Thank ‘Office Space’ For Their Lack Of Flair

Today’s kids may not remember, but waiters and waitresses at casual dining restaurants around the country were once covered in “flair,” pins and buttons — some whimsical, some carrying marketing messages — intended to give these otherwise anonymous eateries a level of quirkiness. It was an effort at synchronized idiosyncrasy, wherein servers were encouraged to express themselves… in the exact same manner as all the other servers at all the other thousands of identical restaurants. And then came Office Space. [More]


TGI Fridays Franchisee To Pay $500,000 For Selling Cheap Booze As Top-Shelf Stuff

Back in May, New Jersey officials undertook “Operation Swill,” raiding 29 restaurants and bars in the state — including 13 TGI Fridays locations — accusing them of misleading consumers by putting less-expensive liquor in bottles for top-shelf brands. Today, the owner of those Fridays eateries agreed to settle with the state and pay a $500,000 fine. [More]


13 TGI Fridays Restaurants Among Those Busted In NJ For Selling Cheap Booze As Premium Pours

You might not be surprised to find that a sketchy dive bar is refilling its empty bottles of liquor with cheaper booze, but many consumers probably don’t expect a chain restaurant to get involved in such underhanded hanky-panky. And yet, 15 of the 29 places caught in yesterday’s sting by New Jersey liquor regulators are outlets of national chain eateries — and almost all of those were TGI Fridays. [More]

Which Restaurants Are Making Your Kids Fat?

Which Restaurants Are Making Your Kids Fat?

Subway’s kids’ meals came out on top. Only a third of its Fresh Fit for Kids meals, which include a mini-sub, juice box, and one of several healthful side items (apple slices, raisins, or yogurt), exceed the 430-calorie threshold. Subway is the only chain that doesn’t offer soft drinks with kids’ meals.

So how do you improve the nutrition of your kid’s meal the next time you eat at a restaurant? A spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association gave the following advice:

“Don’t be too alarmed even when [studies] come out and seem hopeless,” said Dawn Jackson Blatner, an American Dietetic Ass>ociation spokeswoman. “With a few swaps and switches, people really can make healthier choices at these fast-food joints, especially when the decisions are made before going in.