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Scott Lynch

Contractors Charged With Using Money From Hurricane Sandy Victims To Shop And Gamble

Here’s a nightmare scenario: your house is severely damaged in a rare storm, and you hire a legitimate-seeming contractor to repair it or to raise your house on stilts to prevent flooding the next time a storm comes. Instead, the contractor either never began the work or wandered off partway through, leaving you without the money or a livable house. That’s what the state of New Jersey has accused a duo of contractors who are also a couple of doing. [More]

Scott Lynch

How Flood Insurance Failed Superstorm Sandy Victims When Their Homes Actually Flooded

It’s difficult to think of natural disasters as a business, but ultimately they are. More than three years ago, Superstorm/Hurricane Sandy hit heavily populated parts of the East Coast. We’re a wealthy country, though, with a robust national flood insurance program, plenty of disaster aid, and a can-do spirit. All of the people driven out of their homes have rebuilt or received settlements and moved on, right? No. [More]


FEMA Asking Elderly, Disabled NYCers In Assisted-Living Home To Pay Back Thousands In Sandy Relief Funds

Spending months living in emergency shelters after being forced out of your home by Superstorm Sandy’s floodwaters sounds bad enough, but now disabled, elderly and poor adults living in an assisted-living center in New York City have been told by the Federal Emergency Management Agency that some of them have to pay back thousands of dollars they received in disaster aid. [More]


Used-Car Dealer Admits To Selling Vehicles Flooded During Superstorm Sandy

A used-car dealer in New Jersey has admitted to selling cars damaged by flooding during superstorm Sandy in 2012 to unsuspecting customers. Some of those who drove off with lemons found their cars breaking down just minutes after leaving the dealership. [More]


Con Ed Customer Suing Company For $500 Million, Wants It Banned From New York

What would going for 17 days without power be worth to you? The inconvenience of living without electricity for weeks after his neighbors had power restored has prompted a Staten Island man to sue Con Edison for $500 million, as well as ask the state to ban the company from operating in New York. In other words, he wants it to be lights out for Con Ed, too. [More]


Homeowners Impacted By Hurricane Sandy Could Get Some Mortgage Relief Soon

While one major problem facing many homeowners is dealing with insurance claims in the aftermath of Superstorm/Hurricane Sandy, there’s another long-term issue causing trouble for people whose homes have been damaged by the natural disaster — simply paying the mortgage. Relief is in sight for some borrowers as government agencies and other major lenders begin implementing programs to offer breaks on mortgage payments, among other forms of assistance. [More]


Should The NYC Marathon Go On As Planned This Sunday?

Update: The New York Times is reporting that the marathon will not be held Sunday.

Original Text: In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy New York City (and its fellow East Coast cities) is struggling to recover from the devastation the storm wrought. And now a battle is brewing between two camps, both of which want to see the city’s hurricane victims helped wherever they need it most. The fight is centered on Mayor Bloomberg and the city’s announcement that the NYC Marathon will go on as planned this Sunday. [More]