Exploding Sunroofs: Danger Overhead

When it happened, Heather Savage had two of her five children with her in their 2016 Nissan Pathfinder. Four-year-old Eli was strapped into a car seat in the second row, and Raquel, 15, whom they’d just picked up from ballet class, was in the front passenger seat. [More]

Eric Arnold

VW Drivers Claim Company Didn’t Warn Them That Sunroofs May Spontaneously Explode

You’re cruising happily down the highway with the sun streaming through your sunroof when suddenly, there’s a loud noise and glass is exploding everywhere. Sounds scary, right? That’s what Volkswagen owners say in a new lawsuit accusing the company of failing to warn them that this could possibly happen in a slew of vehicles. [More]

Sunroofs Can Explode While You’re Driving, With No Warning

Sunroofs Can Explode While You’re Driving, With No Warning

For a while now, we’ve shared horror stories from people whose tempered glass shower doors exploded with no warning. While the glass is designed to break into small pieces inside the car, it can really freak drivers and passengers out. [More]