Ben Schumin

Pepsi To Bring Back Aspartame-Sweetened Diet Pepsi By September

Weeks after it was rumored that continued falling sales would propel PepsiCo to once again change the sweetener used in its main calorie-free beverage, Diet Pepsi, back to aspartame, the company announced plans to do just that Monday.  [More]

Ben Schumin

Yeah, Diet Pepsi Is Probably Changing Its Sweetener Again

In response to falling sales of diet soda, last year PepsiCo changed the sweetener in its main calorie-free beverage, Diet Pepsi. Noting the health concerns that some customers have about the original sweetener in Diet Pepsi, aspartame, the company switched to a different sweetener last year to try to reverse a sales decline. Now sales are declining even faster. [More]

Ben Schumin

Pepsi “Not At All Concerned” By Negative Initial Reaction To New Diet Pepsi

After decades of using aspartame as the sweetener for its Diet Pepsi cola, PepsiCo made the switch to sucralose (aka Splenda) in August. Early feedback has not been positive on social media and sales have not turned around, but the company says to remain calm and keep drinking. [More]


Aspartame-Free Diet Pepsi Hitting Stores Next Week

Nearly four months after Pepsi announced that it was switching the sweetener in Diet Pepsi from aspartame to sucralose, the revised beverage is on its way to supermarket shelves. [More]

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Diet Pepsi Sweetened With Aspartame May Be Sold Online

Earlier this year, PepsiCo announced that Diet Pepsi, long sweetened with aspartame (some of us still call it by the brand name NutraSweet), would be switching over to sucralose (which you’ll find in Splenda). But just in case people still crave that distinctive aspartame taste, Pepsi’s CEO says the company will find a way to make it available. [More]

Seagram’s Adds Splenda To Ginger Ale To Shave Off Calories, Assumes No One Will Notice

Seagram’s Adds Splenda To Ginger Ale To Shave Off Calories, Assumes No One Will Notice

Many people are allergic to or just plain don’t like artificial sweeteners. Generally, they can avoid consuming them by not buying diet candy or soda. Seagram’s ginger ale pulled a cruel trick on these people recently, though, by silently swapping some sucralose (Splenda) into their drinks. “Let’s see if they notice,” we imagine the folks at Seagram HQ saying. Well, they noticed. [More]