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Would You Order Queso Or Frozen Margaritas At Chipotle?

Chipotle has been adding new items to its national menu at a furious pace — by the Tex-Mex chain’s standards, anyway. It has added braised tofu and chorizo as protein options in 2014 and 2016 respectively. Now, though, the chain has opened a new restaurant, Chipotle NEXT Kitchen, in New York City where you can try the company’s newest offerings before they go nationwide. [More]


Chipotle Cuts Back To Only One CEO

Burrito eatery Chipotle is trying to come back from a food safety crisis and an ensuing lack-of-customers crisis, and the company’s investors have been pushing for leadership changes. Today, it announced plans to cut back to only one chief executive officer: co-CEO Monty Moran is stepping down from his position immediately, and retiring from the company in 2017. [More]

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Chipotle Investors Looking To Remove Founder & Co-CEO Steve Ells From Board Of Directors

Things over at Chipotle haven’t been exactly great this past year, what with all that food-borne illness stuff, tanking stocks, and customers fleeing. And things might not be getting any better — or a least for the co-captain of the ship, Steve Ells, as some investors are now calling for the co-founder to step down from his position as chairman of that board.  [More]

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Got $3.8M To Spare? You Can Buy The House Chipotle’s Founder Built With Burrito Money

It took a whole lot of burritos and guacamole (which costs extra) to build Chipotle founder Steve Ells’ house, but if you’ve got about $4 million just collecting dust in your bank account, his former Denver home can be yours. [More]

Chipotle CEO Promises New Safety Standards Won’t Mean Higher Prices

Chipotle CEO Promises New Safety Standards Won’t Mean Higher Prices

After Chipotle CEO Steve Ells pledged that new safety standards would be going into effect at the chain’s restaurants across the U.S., promising it would soon be “the safest place to eat,” some customers might have wondered whether the cost of that initiative would hit them right where it hurts most, the wallet. But Ells says customers don’t need to worry about the price of their (hopefully) E. coli-free burritos and tacos going up. [More]


Chipotle Has Been Making Customers Sick Since The Summer, Company Says “There Really Wasn’t A Pattern”

Although Chipotle CEO and co-founder Steve Ells apologized yesterday to customers who have gotten sick from eating at the chain recently — whether from E. Coli or norovirus — it’s worth remembering that there are some folks who’ve had to wait a bit longer for that mea culpa. [More]

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Chipotle Says All Its Food Now GMO-Free

For two years, the Chipotle chain of restaurants has been labeling which of its menu items may contain genetically modified ingredients, and starting today the company says that all of its food will be GMO-free (while simultaneously acknowledging that GMOs may be completely safe). [More]