Subway.com still contains a link to Jared's section on the site but clicking the link just takes you back to the homepage.

Subway Removes “Jared’s Journey” From Website Following FBI Search Of Spokesman’s Home

UPDATE: A new Tweet from Subway says that the company and Jared “have agreed to suspend their relationship due to the current investigation, and that “Jared is cooperating with authorities.” [More]


The Important Legal Difference Between Being A Celebrity Endorser & Just A Famous Face In An Ad

Turn on your TV today and maybe you’ll see an iPhone ad with Jimmy Fallon followed by 30 seconds of Matthew McConaughey giving his personal philosophy on Lincoln automobiles. To many of us, it’s all part of the endless parade of familiar faces and voices being paid to sell us something, but there’s an important legal distinction between a celebrity who endorses a product they claim to believe in and one who is just picking up a paycheck to appear in an ad. [More]

Michael Vick Back On Nike's Endorsement Payroll

Michael Vick Back On Nike's Endorsement Payroll

After cutting ties with quarterback Michael Vick in 2007 following his involvement in a dogfighting ring, the shoe giant has apparently decided that Vick’s on-field performance has restored his good name enough to re-enlist him with an endorsement deal. [More]