Watch As Consumer Reports Goes Drifting In $90,000 Tesla S

Earlier today, our test-track-lovin’ kin at Consumer Reports surprised an awful lot of people by announcing that the completely electric (and completely expensive) Tesla S scored the highest in its latest automobile ratings. But what may surprise even more people is that the seemingly button-down auto-test folks at Consumer Reports also know to cut loose… and go drifting in a $90,000 car.

CR’s Auto Test Director Jake Fisher got behind the wheel of the Tesla S at the magazine’s super-secret testing facility under Wayne Manor on the outskirts of Gotham.

“[Y]ou don’t need a bellowing V8 engine—or a flyweight sports car—to have some fun,” writes CR. “The Tesla’s neutral handling, abundant power, low center of gravity, and controlled-but-absorbent suspension are the perfect complement for entertaining cornering maneuvers.”

Would have loved to see the $108,000 Fisker Karma put to the drifting test, if it had made it out of the parking lot.

Whatever. You just came here to watch the video, so do that by clicking the play button above.

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