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Science Says: What A Food Sounds Like Makes A Difference In How We Experience Eating It

Though we might not think about hearing our food when we eat it the way we do when it comes to taste, smell and even sight, if you bit into a potato chip and it didn’t make a sound in your head, it’d be weird, right? A new study that looks into how the sounds our food makes when we eat it factors into the overall experience. [More]

Hack $30 Headphones Into Sounding Like A $300 Pair

Hack $30 Headphones Into Sounding Like A $300 Pair

Does It Pew shows you how you can take a cheapo pair of $30 headphones and turn them in a set that gives you the same quality sound that you might normally pay $300 for. Basically you gut a standard pair of cans and swap in these SFI tweeters. Don’t be thrown off by some of the terminology on Stacy’s post, you’ll need to be handy with a Dremel but this is actually a pretty easy and fun DIY weekend project. [More]