A demo of the new SmartThings/Echo partnership showed users commanding the speaker to turn on and dim lights.

Amazon’s Echo Might Be Getting More Useful With SmartThings Integration

If telling your web-connected home entertainment speaker to reorder laundry detergent wasn’t enough (when is it?), Amazon is reportedly giving Echo the ability to essentially run your home through a new partnership with SmartThings. [More]

Samsung president and CEO BK Yoon presented the keynote for CES 2015.

Samsung CES 2015 Keynote: The Internet Of Things Is Here And There’s Pretty Much Nothing That Can Stop It

Here are the things we learned from Samsung’s CES 2015 Keynote address Monday evening: CEO and president BK Yoon has a lot of executive friends, the Internet of Things is already here, soon our entire lives will be “connected” and Back To The Future II references are getting old. [More]