Feds Sue Gold, Silver Investment Company That Allegedly Bilked Millions From Retirees

Feds Sue Gold, Silver Investment Company That Allegedly Bilked Millions From Retirees

Buying gold and silver is in many ways no different than anything else: You pay your money and expect to get what you paid for within a reasonable amount of time. Unlike most other products, when that gold and silver never arrives, you could be out thousands of dollars.

(Great Beyond) Has A Bunker Full Of Gold, Silver, And Food In Case Of Financial Collapse

When the global financial system collapses, don’t fret: you’ll still be able to shop on We’re not quite sure how that will happen, but the company’s early adoption of Bitcoin as a method of payment could be one clue. What you need to know, though, is that the company will keep paying its employees thanks to its bunker of silver, gold, and food. [More]


Minnesota Hopes New Background Checks Will Deter Scammy Coin Dealers

As the prices of precious metals began to take off in recent years, so did the number of less-than-legitimate buyers and sellers of coins. These scammy individuals, often ex-cons, tarnished the industry by misleading people into selling their valuable coins for a fraction of what they were worth, along with instances of theft and fraud. This week, Minnesota begins implementing a new law that hopes to discourage these people from getting into the business by requiring criminal background checks. [More]


Trading That Old Quarter For An Ice Cream Cone May Not Be Such A Good Idea

You see this sign offering ice cream cones for only a quarter and it sounds like a pretty flippin’ awesome deal. But then you notice that the store is only looking for quarters from 1964 or earlier, and if you have one of those lying around, you might want to consider just how much you value ice cream. [More]

Lazy Silver Polishing

Lazy Silver Polishing

Relatives coming over and no time to polish the silver? Instructables has a cheap, easy way to polish silver without buying silver polish. Simply add baking soda and a bit of aluminum foil to a pot of water, add the silver you want to polish and boil away. —MEGHANN MARCO