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How One Guy Ended Up With $1,500 In Toll Bills For Car He Says He Sold Two Years Ago

When you sell a car, you don’t expect to be charged every time its new driver goes through a toll. But that’s exactly what’s happened to one Texas man, who says he sold his car in a Craigslist deal two years ago: since the day after that sale closed, he’s received more than $1,500 in toll bills that he claims he shouldn’t have to pay. [More]

5 Tips For Selling Your Gas-Guzzling SUV

5 Tips For Selling Your Gas-Guzzling SUV

SUV owners can relate to the horror felt at the moment when you look up at the gas pump and it reads somewhere between $80 to $100+. The first stage is denial, followed by rage and ultimately sadness. The final stage is an overwhelming urge to get rid of your SUV. Unfortunately, many people are having the same urge which is flooding the market with vehicles that many consider undesirable. Nevertheless, it is possible to sell that SUV, but you should be willing to invest a little extra time and patience. SmartMoney has put together 5 tips to help you sell your SUV. The list, inside…