Walgreen Planning DVD-Burning Kiosks To Sell Movies

Sometime next year, Walgreen will introduce kiosks where customers can select and purchase movies—mostly older ones that aren’t as frequently stocked in stores—and have them burned onto DVDs while they wait (for about 15 minutes). Although the idea seems like one that someone should have had years ago, it wasn’t a commercial possibility until last month, when the organization responsible for licensing CSS—the widespread copy restriction software that’s coded into pretty much every Hollywood DVD release—expanded its licensing structure to make room for business models like this one.

This also opens the possibility that movie-download services from companies like Netflix and Blockbuster may be able to offer a way to purchase and create your own DVD hard copy. However, it’s likely that in order to do this, you’d need to purchase special software and/or equipment and/or supplies—and since “studios are not likely to discount DVDs,” we’re curious to see whether they’ll come up with competitive price structures (compared to Amazon, for instance) or choke off yet another possible revenue stream.

“Walgreen sees movie-burning DVD kiosks at stores” [Reuters]
(Photo: randomthoughts)

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