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EDrost88 Smith

Cleveland Browns Owners To Season-Ticket Holders: “You Deserve Better”

In the wide world of sports, there are slumps and losing streaks, and then there are entire seasons that fans may wish never happened in the first place. Like the Cleveland Browns, who put up a dismal 1-15 showing in the National Football League’s 2016 season, prompting the team’s owners to send season ticket-holders an apology letter. [More]


Miami Marlins Respond To Flagging Attendance By Suing Season Ticket Holders

The idea of pro sports team suing its biggest fans may seem counter-intuitive, but try telling that to the Miami Marlins. Since 2013, the team — which ranks 27th out of 30 Major League Baseball teams in attendance — has reportedly sued at least nine fans with season tickets or luxury suite contracts, while also fighting legal battles against bankrupt stadium vendors.