Straight Talk Cuts Off My Data, Will Only Explain Why In Confusing Doublespeak

Mike’s phone spent two weeks in the repair depot at Samsung. When it came back, shortly afterward his data stopped working. Oh, no! Would it have to go back for more repairs already? Well… no, that wasn’t the problem. The problem is that his mobile carrier, Straight Talk, has throttled his data access down to nothing. [More]

Fox Sues Screenwriter With Script Database For $15M

Fox Sues Screenwriter With Script Database For $15M

Instead of messing with Wolverine, smarmy Marvel anti-hero Deadpool has his sights set on a Long Island screenwriter. He’s called upon his bosses at 20th Century Fox to sue the writer for $15 million because she posted Fox screenplays, including an early copy of the script from his upcoming movie, the New York Post reports. [More]

Script For Escaping Verizon Contracts Without Fee, Based On Text Message Rate Raises

Use this aggressive step-by-step script for leaving your Verizon contract early, without paying $175, in under 30 minutes.