Fox Sues Screenwriter With Script Database For $15M

Instead of messing with Wolverine, smarmy Marvel anti-hero Deadpool has his sights set on a Long Island screenwriter. He’s called upon his bosses at 20th Century Fox to sue the writer for $15 million because she posted Fox screenplays, including an early copy of the script from his upcoming movie, the New York Post reports.

The federal lawsuit says the company wants damages for copyright infringement and contributory copyright infringement, as well as an injunction to have the offending scripts taken down. The suit cites scripts for 79 of its films, most of which have already been released. According to a blog post defending the woman named in the suit, she doesn’t sell advertising, charge for downloads or charge a membership fee.

Fox has you, its loyal viewer in mind, in filing this suit, saying the database can harm “the fans who do not want their enjoyment of a movie or television show to be spoiled by knowing the story ahead of actually being able to watch it.”

It’s common to find screenplays of just about any movie you want online, but Fox is apparently trying to change the landscape. Do you think scripts are fair game for posting online?

Web-script $uit [New York Post via TorrentFreak]

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