Hack Of Online Hello Kitty Community Exposes Info For 3.3M Parents, Possibly Children

Just weeks after the hack of electronic toy maker VTech exposed the personal information for more than five million children and adults, another child-focused enterprise has suffered a similar breach. The interactive online community for Hello Kitty was recently breached, potentially compromising 3.3 million accounts.  [More]

This is one of the allegedly infringing cake frosting sheets the defendants are selling on eBay.

Disney, Lucasfilm, Sanrio Sue Makers Of Counterfeit Marvel, Star Wars, Hello Kitty Cake Frosting

We’ve all seen local bakeries and supermarkets selling cakes decorated with the images of trademarked cartoon/movie/comic characters and not many people seem to care that the decorator may not have permission to use these images. But there’s also a difference between someone’s hand-iced Captain America cake and a company that uses movie stills and promotional art to make pre-fab cake frosting sheets. Thus, Disney, Lucasfilm and Sanrio — tired of seeing cakes featuring the unauthorized faces of Yoda, Iron Man, and Hello Kitty — have teamed up to sue two Michigan men for trademark and copyright infringement. [More]


Everyone Is Freaking Out Because Hello Kitty Isn’t A Cat

You know those days when you learn something about the world and suddenly everything shifts to one side and it feels like all your thoughts are just spilling out of your brain like so many useless, wrong facts? That’s how many people are apparently feeling upon learning this week that Hello Kitty, that ubiquitous face that launched a bajillion cute products, is not, in fact, a cat. [More]


Flying In A Plane Decked Out With Hello Kitty Stuff Is Either A Terrifying Or An Amazing Idea

Depending on where you fall on the Hello Kitty spectrum — “All those unblinking eyes terrify me” to “Yay yay yay Hello Kitty I love you, yay!” — this news will either be overwhelmingly scary or an unprecedented bit of magical, wonderful luck: The Taiwanese airline that already flies five-kitty themed planes around Asia is sending a flight from Taipei to Los Angeles three times a week starting Sept. 18, chock full of Hello Kittyness. [More]

Hello Kitty Engine Oil

Hello Kitty Engine Oil

Sometimes you can take branding too far. Apparently this Hello Kitty engine oil is a real product designed for compact cars, and it sells for $2980 Yen, 33 American dollars. Perfect for outrunning bad penguins. [Newlaunches via BoingBoing] [More]