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Your Pebble’s Warranty Is Void Now, Even If It’s New

The way that smart watch company Pebble is going out of business isn’t what we’re used to seeing: instead of officially filing for bankruptcy first or being fully acquired by another firm, Pebble sold only its software assets to Fitbit. The end of Pebble as a company means that the warranties on its devices are now done, too: even new devices that you might have just purchased. [More]

Example of a Jacuzzi walk-in tub, which is not necessarily the same model as the one in this story.

Lawsuit: Defective Plug, Draining System Turned Walk-In Jacuzzi Into Death Trap

Many people seeking relief from aches and pains use walk-in tubs, because they allow for a more immersive experience, and they can be especially useful for elderly folk who can’t easily climb in and out of a traditional bathroom fixture. But the family of a 67-year-old woman says her Jacuzzi walk-in tub turned into a death trap, when it failed to drain and prevented her from getting out. [More]

Lowe's Ignores Your Mom Until She Gives Up

Lowe's Ignores Your Mom Until She Gives Up

Here’s a story that made us sad. Reader Mary’s mom went to Lowe’s to buy a mailbox, and was ignored until she finally got so frustrated that she gave up and just left, in tears. Don’t cry, Mary’s mom. We will not ignore you.