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Some Younger People Are Buying Cars So They Can Drive For Ride-Sharing Services

For many drivers, the best part of having your own car is that you don’t have to deal with anyone else — you can blast your music, sing at the top of your lungs, or eat a tuna sandwich, and there’s no one to judge you. But some younger drivers now may have a new reason to buy a car: To become a driver for Uber or Lyft. [More]


Lyft Making Major Push Into The Midwest With Biggest Expansion To Date

Congratulations, residents of Eau Claire, WI; Kankakee, IL; and Mankato, MN — you will soon have another way to get from point A to point B: Lyft is adding more than 50 cities to its lineup, its largest expansion to date. [More]

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Lyft Exec: “Majority” Of Company’s Rides Will Be In Self-Driving Cars Within 5 Years

Uber might be the ride-sharing company with autonomous vehicles already out on the roads (at least in Pittsburgh), but it definitely won’t be alone forever. Lyft’s co-founder and president laid out his vision for the future this week, predicting that the “majority” of the company’s rides will be in self-driving vehicles within the next five years. [More]


Today In Automakers Befriending Ride-Sharing Apps: Toyota Investing In Uber, VW Teaming Up With Gett

What’s an automaker to do when it wants to get into the ride-sharing game, and make some money off people who might not ever buy a car but will definitely ride in one, without starting from scratch? Grab a buddy, of course: Toyota is plunking money into Uber and Volkwswagen says it’s teaming up with Gett. [More]


Group That Is Totally Not A Union Can Represent New York City’s Uber Drivers

The people who drive for Uber in New York City are independent contractors and not employees of the ride-hailing service, at least according to current laws. Drivers know that, but want a union-like group that would advocate for workers’ concerns with the company, even if it doesn’t engage in collective bargaining to set fares. Uber has agreed to work with a non-union, the Independent Drivers Guild, which will meet with the company and help drivers appeal when they’re “deactivated,” or fired. [More]

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Lyft Line Carpooling Service Expanding To Six New Markets

Sometimes, you might want a car to pick you up to get you where you’re going, but you may not necessarily want to pay for the whole trip. That’s why some ride-hailing companies offer carpooling options that allow passengers to share rides with strangers, and in turn, share the cost. More Lyft customers will have that choice soon, with six new markets slated to join the company’s Line carpooling service. [More]

Sidecar Calling It Quits, Ceasing Service Dec. 31

Sidecar Calling It Quits, Ceasing Service Dec. 31

There will be one less ride-sharing company to shuttle you and your packages around the city come January 1: Sidecar plans to shutter its ride and delivery service by the end of the year.  [More]

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Uber May Re-Emerge In Portland Under Pilot Program Next Month

After agreeing to suspend its service in Portland, OR last December, Uber could be back on the road in the city by April 15 if officials approve a proposed pilot program. [More]