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Ben Schumin

Lyft Line Carpooling Service Expanding To Six New Markets

Sometimes, you might want a car to pick you up to get you where you’re going, but you may not necessarily want to pay for the whole trip. That’s why some ride-hailing companies offer carpooling options that allow passengers to share rides with strangers, and in turn, share the cost. More Lyft customers will have that choice soon, with six new markets slated to join the company’s Line carpooling service. [More]

Why Don't People Share Lawnmowers?

Why Don't People Share Lawnmowers?

Let us disrupt the otherwise normal bucolic sight of everyone in the neighborhood out on a warm afternoon, mowing away at their green lawns. Why does each house need to own their own lawnmower? At around $300 a pop for a new one, they’re not cheap, and households could cut costs drastically if they shared them, but negotiating that can lead to arguments over how much each borrower should chip in, if any, and when. So the Eschaton blog muses on this and wonders, why couldn’t there be a Zipcar for tools? Well there is! They’re called tool rental libraries. [More]