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You Can Now Request An Uber Ride For Your Friend Who Refuses To Uber

You Can Now Request An Uber Ride For Your Friend Who Refuses To Uber

Whether you need to get your drunk friend who refuses to use ride-sharing apps home safely, or order up a lift for your mom when she locks herself out of the car, Uber will now let users request a ride for other people. [More]

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Uber CEO Takes Leave Of Absence As Internal Report Criticizes “Always Be Hustlin'” Culture

The rumors were correct: Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is taking a leave of absence from the company he co-founded, just as Uber publishes the results of an internal investigation that is critical of the company’s ask-questions-later culture. [More]


Is The Honeymoon Over For Pittsburgh & Uber’s Driverless Car Program?

Compared to Uber’s ugly, contentious one-week test of self-driving cars in San Francisco , the ridesharing company’s nine-month-old self-driving program in Pittsburgh has been rather peaceful. But after a number of broken promises, some city leaders are reportedly regretting this arrangement. [More]

Drivers For Ride-Hailing App Juno Claim Company Misled Them With Promises Of Stock

Drivers For Ride-Hailing App Juno Claim Company Misled Them With Promises Of Stock

Last year, drivers for ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft were excited about a new competing app, Juno, which promised to grant drivers stock in the company along with lower commissions and in-app tipping. Juno was recently acquired by yet another service, Gett, and the drivers have seen their equity evaporate, leading them to file a complaint with federal regulators. [More]


Lawsuit Claims Drunk Lyft Driver Caused Serious Car Crash

Having someone else drive when you’ve had a few too many alcoholic beverages is always important — but what if the person you hire to drive you is the one who’s drunk? Two Lyft passengers in California say their trip ended with a terrifying crash because their driver was intoxicated. [More]


Uber Passenger: Driver Stranded Her Halfway Through 150-Mile Trip Home From Hospital

An Arizona woman says she was left stranded at a gas station in the desert on Christmas when her Uber driver decided he didn’t want to continue the second half of the 150-mile trip. [More]

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Hertz Partnering Up With Uber, Lyft To Supply Drivers With Rental Cars

Don’t have a car, but want to work for Lyft or Uber as a driver? Hertz is hoping it can squeeze some extra miles out of its older cars with new deals it’s just announced to supply rentals to the ride-hailing companies. [More]


Uber Switching To Upfront Pricing Model, Ditching Surge Icon (While Keeping Surge Prices)

While Uber is changing its app to make it easier for customers to see what they’ll pay for a ride upfront, the new version will make it harder to know when “surge pricing” has taken hold. [More]


Uber Nudging Users Toward Carpooling With Test Of “Upfront Pricing” Feature

In some cities, Uber customers can choose to get a ride with UberPool, which allows users to share a car with strangers who are traveling along (or close to) their route. It looks like the ride-hailing company is trying to nudge folks toward selecting that option, with a new test of an “upfront pricing” feature that displays prices for both UberPool and the more expensive option, UberX. [More]


Court: Uber Would Owe Drivers $852 Million More As Tipped Employees

How much is at stake in the choice of ride-hailing services Uber and Lyft to keep their drivers as independent contractors instead of making them employees? To understand why the car-summoning app is glad to pay drivers as much as $100 million in a class action settlement, look at the numbers: the company calculates that it would owe drivers $429 million, while drivers’ attorneys estimate that drivers would receive $730 million in expenses, and $122 million in tips. [More]


Uber Testing Feature That Suggests Safe, Convenient Pickup Spots When Customers Request A Ride

While car service customers have the power to set their pickup location as precisely as they want to — either by entering a specific street address or dropping a pin on the mobile app’s map — that doesn’t mean it’s always a safe or easy place to get picked up, depending on traffic, or a place with space for a driver to wait. After some prodding, Uber will now implement a feature that recommends safe and convenient pickup spots when riders request a car. [More]

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Uber May Re-Emerge In Portland Under Pilot Program Next Month

After agreeing to suspend its service in Portland, OR last December, Uber could be back on the road in the city by April 15 if officials approve a proposed pilot program. [More]