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FDA Regulation Of E-Cigarettes Would Only Help Big Tobacco, Say Vaping Startups

If you go into a convenience store to buy cigarettes, you might have a wide variety of smokes to choose from, but most of those brands are made by three or four huge tobacco companies. But if you’re one of the growing number of consumers who choose vaping over traditional cigarettes, there are seemingly countless small companies willing to sell you liquid nicotine. Some of those startups say that pending FDA regulation of e-cigarettes could put them out of business, leaving only big tobacco. [More]

Tobacco Company Credits Falling Gas Prices With Rising Sales

Tobacco Company Credits Falling Gas Prices With Rising Sales

Gas prices have fallen signifiantly in the last year or so, which is great news for consumers, if not necessarily for gas stations. There’s another hidden winner in this situation: tobacco companies. Customers who are spending less on gas have more money to spend on cigarettes, and gas stations happen to be a convenient place to buy them. [More]


Tobacco Companies Sue FDA Over Cigarette Packaging Guidelines

For more than 5 years, the FDA has had authority to regulate tobacco products, and last month, the agency issued guidance to the tobacco industry about when cigarette makers must seek FDA approval on changes to packaging. The country’s largest tobacco businesses now believe the FDA is overstepping its authority and violates their rights to free expression. [More]


Cigarette Company Reynolds Finally Bans Indoor Smoking At The Workplace

Look around you. Is anyone you work with currently puffing away on a cigarette inside? Is smoke curling up from the cubicles nearby? Not likely, but while smoking inside at the workplace is a thing of the past for most companies today, there’s one business where it was still welcome, until now at least: Reynolds American, makers of Camel cigarettes, announced this week that its employees will no longer be allowed to smoke indoors as of Jan. 1, 2015. [More]