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Proposed Rules Target Fees Collected By Retirement Financial Advisers, Brokers

When visiting a financial adviser for consultation about retirement savings one might assume those counselors have their best interests in mind. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. To better ensure consultants are working for consumers and not for fees, the Labor Department will propose new rules to increase standards for brokers who recommend investments for retirement accounts. [More]


Americans Racking Up Debt Faster Than We Save For Retirement

This seems to be the week for sad news about Americans and our retirement-saving behavior. A new study shows that while we might be sticking money in our 401(k) plan like dutiful money squirrels, in general, Americans aren’t doing ourselves any favors for retirement as we rack up debt at a higher rate than we sock away money. [More]

One Man Explains Why He Stopped Contributing To His 401(k)

One Man Explains Why He Stopped Contributing To His 401(k)

Just about every financial expert tells you not only to contribute to a company 401(k), but make sure you pay in enough to receive the company match. We can’t argue any differently, but tough times and changing priorities can make compelling arguments for dropping contributions. [More]