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Amazon Reportedly Working With Vendors To Create Its Own Sportswear Line

Following a report earlier this year that Amazon was perhaps working on launching its own line of workout apparel, it sounds like Amazon is making more moves toward peddling sportswear: A new report says the company is talking to vendors and suppliers that make workout gear for some of the most popular brands. [More]

Coach Changes Name To ‘Tapestry’ Now That It Owns Other Brands

Coach Changes Name To ‘Tapestry’ Now That It Owns Other Brands

Months after Coach went on a shopping spree, picking up rival Kate Spade for $2.4 billion, the company has changed its name to Tapestry.  [More]

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Target Says It’s Not Trying Compete With Amazon, Just Trying To Be “Best Target”

They say that before you can be in a truly happy relationship you have to be happy with yourself. This apparently applies to retail, too: Target executives say the company isn’t trying to compete with Amazon to get customers in the door, instead the retailer is just tying to be the best version of itself for customers. [More]

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Walmart App Will Let You Return Online Items In Stores

For years, Walmart has been offering ways for customers to shop online and pick up in stores. But Walmart’s new idea to attract online shoppers flips things on their ear by using its retail stores as the places where you return unwanted online purchases. [More]

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Dunkin’ Donuts Removing A Third Of Its Donuts From Menus At 1,000 Stores

Dunkin’ Donuts recently dropped the “Donuts” from one of its California stores, and now it’s dropping a lot of donuts from its menus at stores around the country. [More]

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Target Now Offering Curbside Pickup At Some Stores — Yes, Again

Three months after Target once again began testing curbside pickup with employees in the Minneapolis area, the perpetually-playing catchup retailer has expanded the program to actual customers.  [More]


Walmart Accidentally Posts Google’s New Mini Speaker, Takes Down Listing

Any hope that Google might have had for keeping the design of its newest web-connected speaker a secret was blown out of the water today by the good folks at Walmart who inadvertently posted the device on for all the world to see, a day in advance of Google’s press event. [More]

Walmart Ramps Up Amazon Rivalry With Purchase Of Same-Day Delivery Company

Walmart Ramps Up Amazon Rivalry With Purchase Of Same-Day Delivery Company

Amazon is making bricks-and-mortar stores increasingly irrelevant in some markets by offering same-day delivery. So what’s a company like Walmart to do but try to beat Amazon at its own game. [More]

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Starbucks Shut Down Its Online Store In Effort To “Simplify” Things

Unless you’ve been surfing recently, you may not have noticed that something is missing — its online store. The Seattle-based coffee chain shut down its virtual shop on Sunday, citing a desire to focus on the customer experience in physical stores. [More]

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Toys ‘R’ Us Hopes Playrooms & Augmented Reality Stations Will Bring Customers Back

If Toys ‘R’ Us is going to survive its recent bankruptcy filing and prevent a domino effect of debt throughout the toy industry, the retailer will need to get shoppers into stores and buying things. The company is hoping that making its stores more interactive for customers — including try-before-you-buy playrooms — will help put it back on the path to solvency. [More]

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Toymakers Owed Millions Brace For Hit After Toys ‘R’ Us Bankruptcy

Many toymakers say they won’t let Toys ‘R’ Us die after filing for bankruptcy, noting that doing so would be bad for their own businesses. After all, the chain is typically their biggest client. However, it appears there’s more at stake, namely, the millions of dollars the manufacturers are owed.  [More]


Dunkin’ Donuts CEO Says There Are Too Many Restaurants, Even As His Company Expands

While a number of chain restaurants like Joe’s Crab Shack, Bob Evans, and Logan’s Roadhouse have closed locations in recent years, there’s still a wealth of options for people looking to dine out or grab a quick cup of java. But that’s not necessarily a good thing.  [More]

Birchbox Will Share Your Mailing Address With Anyone Who Sends You A Gift Subscription

Birchbox Will Share Your Mailing Address With Anyone Who Sends You A Gift Subscription

UPDATE: Birchbox has discontinued its practice of sharing gift recipients’ addresses with gift givers. The company tells Consumerist that sharing the information was an “oversight.”

We live in a world where it’s becoming increasingly common for people to send gifts to others without ever knowing their mailing address. Many online retailers now let you at least purchase gift cards or gift subscriptions with only the recipient’s email address. But for some reason, Birchbox will also tell you the recipient’s full shipping address.  [More]


“Baby Arm Johnson” And Two Others Plead Guilty To Parts In $12M Retail Theft Ring

If you’re going to be involved in a massive, nationwide retail theft scheme, you might as well have a good nickname — like “Baby Arm Johnson” or the “Field Marshall” — for when you get caught.  [More]

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Target Ends Freshii Concept, Closing 18 Salad & Wrap Cafes

After only two years, Target is giving up on a test of offering customers salads, pressed juices, and other supposedly healthy foods. The retailer is closing the handful of Freshii cafes it’s operated in stores since 2015. [More]

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While Traditional Retailers Falter, Why Are Off-Price Stores Still Doing Okay?

Store closings and retail bankruptcies aren’t bad news for the entire retail industry. While the current turmoil in the business of department stores, toy stores, and clothing stores is bad for those is bad for those chains, it’s great for off-price retailers like TJX, Ross Stores, and Burlington. [More]

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Small Vendors Cut Ties With Toys ‘R’ Us, Concerned They Won’t Be Paid

While some suppliers of bankrupt toy mega-chain Toys ‘R’ Us are desperate to make sure that the chain stays in business, others are taking the opportunity to stop dealing with the mega-chain. That’s because they’ve already shipped thousands or millions of dollars’ worth of merchandise to the deeply indebted retailer that they may never be paid for. [More]

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Target Raising Minimum Wage To $11/Hour With Promise To Hit $15/Hour By 2020

In an attempt to beat Walmart on worker pay (but not go as far as Costco), Target is raising its lowest hourly wage from $10 to $11 starting next month, with plans to increase that base rate up to $15 per hour by 2020. [More]