Another Parking Lot Payment Data Breach At OneStopParking

Another Parking Lot Payment Data Breach At OneStopParking

December 2014 really hasn’t been great for offsite airport parking facilities. Earlier this week, we learned about a parking lot hear the airport in Orlando that abruptly closed, stopping shuttles from running and trapping customers’ vehicles inside. A few weeks ago, we learned that Park-N-Fly payment information may have been breached. Now there are reports that another offsite lot operator, OneStopParking, may have been breached by the same gang of card-stealing baddies who were behind last year’s Target breach. [More]

(Dave Dugdale)

Banks Report Possible Credit Card Breach At P.F. Chang’s

There’s a fresh new batch of stolen credit card numbers on the market! The same online store that offered numbers pilfered in recent national breaches, including the massive one at Target, has a fresh batch of thousands of numbers available. Banks report that what these cards have in common is that they were recently used at P.F. Chang’s restaurants. [More]