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Banks Still Running Windows XP On ATMs Get Reprieve, Kind Of

Some sort-of-good news for anyone still using Windows XP, including 95% of all ATMs in the world: Microsoft will still provide antimalware signatures for the operating system through July 15, 2015. That’s not the same as software patches, but does help consumer and business security programs identify malware on the system. The original end of support date of April 8, 2014 still stands. ATMs aren’t going to stop working or explode, but will be more vulnerable to malware and other badness. [Microsoft] [More]

Citi Promises No Foreclosures Or Evictions For One Month

Citi Promises No Foreclosures Or Evictions For One Month

About 4,000 borrowers who were either scheduled to have foreclosure sales or who were going to receive foreclosure notices will be left alone until January 17th, according to CNN. [More]


FileFront isn’t shutting down after all! The original founders decided to buy back the company from Ziff Davis Media after learning that the service was to be shut down at the end of March. [FileFront] (Thanks to Bob!)