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AT&T Exec Says Wireless Companies Soon Won’t Be Footing Bill For Customers’ Devices

AT&T Exec Says Wireless Companies Soon Won’t Be Footing Bill For Customers’ Devices

During the first decade-plus of the 21st century cellphone boom, most of us paid only a fraction of the full retail price for our phones because the wireless companies were willing to pick up the rest in exchange for locking us into 2-year contracts. But with more service providers pushing subscribers into plans that have them paying full price for their devices, the days of getting a new $650 phone for only $200 are quickly fading into memory. [More]

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Shake Shack To Go Public, Become Subject Of Endless “I Ate There Before…” Rants

If you live in a city that doesn’t have a Shake Shack, you probably have a friend (or a Facebook acquaintance) who has remarked on how much better the food is there than at other burger joints. Now comes the news that Shake Shack is going public and planning to continue its growth, meaning you may finally be able to judge for yourself, but that the aforementioned friend will now regularly refer to how he or she used to wait in line for hours when there was only one Shack blah blah blah. [More]


Now Anyone Can Go Back In Twitter Time To See What You Ate For Dinner That One Night In 2006

Imagine, if you will, Twitter’s Fail Whale. But instead of popping up to be like, “Hey, Twitter isn’t working, uh oh,” he’s swimming up to the entire catalog of tweets dating back to the long-ago beginning in 2006 and swallowing all of them in his hungry, gaping maw. The eating is good for those interested in seeing what anyone ever in the history of Twitter time has tweeted about, as one index of the social web says it’s added every public tweet ever published to its collection. [More]

A Look Back At Sony's Miserable PSP Ad Campaigns

A Look Back At Sony's Miserable PSP Ad Campaigns

From time to time at Consumerist we like to take a look back at comically antiquated ads from the long-ago past, gawking at their abruptness and racial insensitivity. But thanks to the magic of Sony and its colossal failure in an attempt to be “edgy” and “viral” while marketing the PSP, we need only look back to 2004-2006 to bask in the glory of badvertising.