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Phillippe Put

Streaming Music Revenue Surpasses Other Formats For The First Time Ever

Digital music has come a long way: Once feared as the poison arrow that would take down the recording industry, streaming music is now making more money for recording companies than any other format. [More]


Streaming Music Sales Outdo Revenue From CDs For The First Time

The inevitable slide toward outdated technology is continuing for CDs, with the revenue generated from streaming music topping CD sales for the first time ever. [More]


Court Upholds $675,000 Fee College Student Must Pay For Illegally Sharing 30 Songs

It’s been almost two years since a former student from Boston was re-ordered to pay $675,000 for illegally sharing 30 songs. That judgment had been downgraded to $67,500 by one court and deemed unconstitutional, and then ticked right back up again. Another federal appeals court has just ruled he’s still on the hook. [More]