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Raw Dairy Products Cause 840 Times More Illnesses Than Pasteurized

Unpasteurized cow’s milk — and the cheeses made from it — have a small but growing number of fans who prefer it to the pasteurized products that make up the overwhelming majority of what’s available. However, those “raw” milk products are responsible for nearly every case of dairy-related foodborne ailments in the U.S. [More]

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Health Authorities: Raw Milk From PA Dairy Linked To Fatal Case Of Listeriosis

While you can’t just buy raw milk anywhere, there are some ways consumers can get their hands on the product, nonetheless, despite warnings from health officials that the unpasteurized product can carry dangerous bacteria. That risk proved fatal in one of two recent listeriosis cases that health authorities say are linked to a Pennsylvania dairy. [More]

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WV Lawmakers Legalize Raw Milk, Drink Raw Milk, Get Mysterious Stomach Bug

In West Virginia, farmers and fans of raw milk celebrated this week as the governor signed a bill that, among other things, legalizes the sale of raw milk to consumers. Some delegates celebrated by drinking cups of raw milk from a local farm, or at least tasting it. Some of them are now sick with a mysterious gastrointestinal illness. Is it a coincidence or deep irony? [More]


If People Want To Drink Raw Milk, Should Dairy Farmers Be Able To Sell It To Them?

Let’s say you’re a dairy farmer in oh, how about Wisconsin, and you’re thirsty. You can go out to one of your cows, milk it, and drink what comes out. But turning around and selling it to customers craving raw milk, well in most states, that’s illegal. While food safety regulations are of the utmost importance to consumers, should you be able to purchase products like raw milk and drink at your own risk? [More]

Raw Milk From PA Now Linked To At Least 78 Illnesses

Here is some news that will definitely stoke the debate over the safety of drinking unpasteurized milk. The number of raw milk drinkers that have fallen ill from tainted milk sold by one Pennsylvania farm has now hit at least 78 people in four states. [More]

At Least 35 People Ill After Drinking Raw Milk

Unpasteurized, aka “raw,” milk is illegal to sell in a number of states because of concerns about possible pathogen contamination. Of course, those bans also tend to make raw milk a sought-after delicacy for those who believe that pasteurization has a negative effect on the taste and nutritional value of milk. But in the last few weeks, at least 35 people in four states have become ill after consuming the unpasteurized stuff. [More]

9 Foods You're Not Allowed To Buy

9 Foods You're Not Allowed To Buy

Fortune magazine has compiled a list of 9 “forbidden’ foods that have been banned (for some reason or another) in the US. Trans fats in NYC, foie gras in Chicago… Here’s the list:

California's Raw Milk Suppliers Soured By Tough Bacteria Standards

California's Raw Milk Suppliers Soured By Tough Bacteria Standards

California dairies are bristling under regulations that limit the amount of yucky coliform bacteria allowed in raw milk. The new health standards set a maximum of 10 coliforms per milliliter, which upsets Mark McAfee, the founder of California’s largest raw milk dairy. According to McAfee, “There’s quite a ruckus right now.” Let’s see how he frames the issue.