Hulu Offers 1-Year Price Cut To New And Returning Customers

Image courtesy of Garrett Heath

Did you cancel your Hulu subscription, but are thinking about going back? In a deal that just happens to begin at the same time as Netflix’s upcoming price hike, Hulu is offering a discount on its service for new and returning subscribers for the coming year.

The discount is only available for the lowest tier of service, the plan that includes commercials, and cuts the price from $7.99 to $5.99. The more expensive ad-free and “live TV” skinny bundle service aren’t part of the offer.

The $2 discount stays in place for a year, and is available until Jan. 9, 2018. It’s not clear whether you can cancel your Hulu subscription now and sign back up on the same account, but you probably can’t.

The discount is the same as last year’s version of the same deal, but now former subscribers are included so Hulu can try to entice them back.

The streaming services compete, but their offerings differ slightly: Both have original content, movies, and old episodes of broadcast and cable series, but only Hulu has programs from current seasons. Hulu has no service tiers that are fully free of commercials, while Netflix programming includes no commercial breaks.

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