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Whole Foods Closes Regional Kitchens, Says It Isn’t Related To Sanitation Problems

For prepared food items in its stores along the East Coast, Whole Foods uses regional kitchens, each of which cooks various in-house items and distributes them to dozens of stores. The company recently announced that it’s closing the facilities in Massachusetts, Maryland, and Georgia, for reasons that have nothing to do with past sanitation issues in one of them. Nope. [More]


Dunce In The Kitchen? If You Can’t Make It, At Least You Can Fake It

The gap between tying on your apron springs and producing a family feast from scratch after a few hours and slapping down some fast food on the table and calling it dinner is narrowing. That’s good news for anyone who likes the idea of a homemade meal but isn’t exactly Julia Child in the kitchen, and it’s partly due to some crafty research by the big food companies. [More]

(A blessed Fakesgiving from the Houston Press)

Costco Thanksgiving-In-A-Box Is Great If You Can’t Cook, Don’t Especially Like Your Guests

Do you have a less than a dozen Thanksgiving guests coming over, but zero culinary skills? Sure, you could go out to eat, or you could order a dinner from a caterer. But if you have under $100 to spend, pick up a pie, and have guests who you either don’t like or who have unsophisticated palates, Costco’s frozen dinner in a box is the holiday dinner option for you. Next year. Because this year, it’s apparently sold out. [More]

Cut Back On Sugar, Says American Heart Association

Cut Back On Sugar, Says American Heart Association

The American Heart Association says we’re eating way too much extra sugar, meaning sugar that doesn’t naturally occur in our foods. The average American consumes 22 teaspoons a day. By contrast, the average woman should eat no more than 6 teaspoons daily, while the average man, owing most likely to his increased awesomeness, should eat no more than 9 teaspoons a day. [Eats another teaspoon of sugar before resuming typing.]