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Instead Of Busing College Students To Stores, Target Opens New Locations, Tests Pickup Options

As back to school season kicks into high gear, retailers across the country are competing to fill students’ backpacks with supplies and adorn their dorm rooms with TV, mini-refrigerators, and other college-esque paraphernalia. Target just happens to be one of those retailers, and the big box store is upping its back to school game by opening smaller format stores, offering new pickup options, and hosting pop-up shops on campuses. [More]

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Walmart Hopes To Win Over Millennials With This Giant Orange Vending Machine

For years now, Amazon has allowed customers to pickup their orders at bright yellow lockers located at convenience stores and other easy to access areas. Now, in what appears to be another attempt to be more like the e-commerce giant, Walmart has a vending machine where online customers can pickup their orders, you know without having to wait in line or talk to other people.  [More]

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Report: Amazon To Eventually Open As Many As 2,000 Grocery Stores

Earlier this month, all-powerful “sources familiar with the matter” claimed that Amazon was on the verge of opening bricks-and-mortar convenience stores and offering curbside pickup. Now, a new report indicates that the e-tailer plans to start small, opening 20 physical grocery stores over the next two years, but ultimately expects to have thousands of stores nationwide. [More]

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CVS Health Launching Free Curbside Pick-Up Service Nationwide

When you’ve got a ferocious cold or a clanging headache that won’t go away, sometimes the thought of facing other people is horrible enough to keep you from procuring cough syrup, aspirin, and other comforts at the drug store. If you can handle a car ride, CVS Health will now deliver customers’ orders to them with a new free curbside pick-up service launching nationwide. [More]

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Walmart Expands Grocery Pickup Option To Eight Additional Cities, Doubles Effort In Others

Consumers in eight additional cities will soon be able to order their groceries online and head to their local Walmart to pick them up later. Walmart announced Wednesday that it would expand its free online grocery pickup option — which officially launched in October — to Kansas City; Boise, ID; Richmond and Virginia Beach, VA; Austin; Provo, UT; Daphne, AL; and Charleston, SC, as well as double the number of stores that take part in the service in Dallas, Houston, and Atlanta. To use the service, customers simply place their orders online, pick a time to pick up their items, drive to the store, park in a designated spot, and call a special phone number. An associate then brings the goods straight to their trunk. [Walmart] [More]

After Takata Airbag Death, Ford Recalls 391K Ranger Trucks

After Takata Airbag Death, Ford Recalls 391K Ranger Trucks

Just days after federal regulators said another five million vehicles would be recalled because of defective, shrapnel-shooting Takata airbags, Ford has stepped up to announce that this recall now includes 391,000 Ranger trucks. [More]

Walmart Officially Launching Online Grocery Pickup With Expansion To More Cities

Walmart Officially Launching Online Grocery Pickup With Expansion To More Cities

After testing the concept for months, Walmart plans to offer more shoppers the opportunity to order their groceries online and pick them up at the store later. [More]


FedEx Knows I Need To Send 9 Boxes To My New House, Suspends My Account

Ann and her family are going through a series of moves–first an international one, from England to the United States, and then a domestic one, from Florida to Vermont. Though precisely why she needs FedEx to come pick up a bunch of large boxes from her house is almost irrelevant. The problem is that they won’t. She sent this plea for help to a few executive addresses, but has heard nothing back yet. [More]