What Can You Do When The Utility Company Says You Owe A Bill You Can’t Pay?

Having your gas cut off in the middle of winter isn’t just an annoyance; it can put your health and life at risk. So when your utility company claims you owe them thousands of dollars, you might feel pressured into paying just to keep warm. If you try to dispute the bill and refuse to pay, you may be without heat for months. But if you make a deal to pay some of what you allegedly owe, will you be able to plead your case later? [More]


Update: Philly Family With No Heat Says PGW Is Demanding $14K To Return Gas Meter

On Wednesday, we wrote about Consumerist reader Norma, whose family has been without gas service in Philadelphia — which means no heat — in their apartment for a few days. Since then, Norma says the local utility has demanded they pay $14,000 in order to get their meter returned and service turned back on. [More]


I Reported A Gas Leak To My Utility Company; They Took My Meter Away

Winter is no longer coming; it’s arrived and it’s quite cold in many parts of the country, including Philadelphia, where Norma, her husband, and their two small kids — as well as the family pets — currently don’t have heat. Not because they didn’t pay their bills, or because they are masochists, but because they reported a possible gas leak to their local utility company. [More]

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter

Gas Company Places Lien On Philly Mayor’s House Over Unpaid Bill

Philadelphia Gas Works apparently doesn’t care who you if you’re not paying your utility bill. Just ask Philadelphia Mayor Michael “Yes My Last Name Is Actually” Nutter, who saw PGW place a lien on his home after his gas bill apparently went unpaid. [More]