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EpiPen Maker Allegedly Failed To Investigate 171 Complaints Of Non-Working Devices

The manufacturer of Mylan’s emergency allergy treatment devices has been accused of failing to investigate hundreds of complaints over three years that the EpiPen and EpiPen Jr. failed to work properly, a failure that resulted in the deaths of several people. [More]

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Pfizer To Pay $486M To Settle Lawsuit Over Celebrex, Bextra

Pharma giant Pfizer has agreed to pay $486 million to close the books on a decade-long class-action securities lawsuit related to two of the company’s pain relievers, Celebrex and Bextra. [More]

Your Kids’ Lesson Plans Are Being Brought To You By Pfizer, WD-40, & Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Your Kids’ Lesson Plans Are Being Brought To You By Pfizer, WD-40, & Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

It’s one thing for a huge drug company, manufacturer, trade group, or media conglomerate to use their considerable coffers to fund educational programs, but what about when the ultimate goal of those programs is to just advertise products, movies, and TV shows to kids and their parents under the guise of education? [More]


Pfizer, Allergan Call Off $160B Mega-Merger

Five months after Pfizer and Allergan announced they would combine households to create the world’s largest drug company, the betrothed say the wedding is being called off.  [More]

Pfizer To Buy Allergan For $160B, Create World’s Largest Drug Company

Pfizer To Buy Allergan For $160B, Create World’s Largest Drug Company

If the giant pharmaceutical companies of the world seem quite big enough to you already, well, that just means you probably aren’t a major investor in or CEO of one. But the major investors and CEOs do think bigger is better, and so to that end two of them are merging to create an even bigger drug behemoth and take it overseas. [More]

FDA Warns That Chantix May Decrease Users’ Alcohol Tolerance

FDA Warns That Chantix May Decrease Users’ Alcohol Tolerance

Smokers using the prescription drug Chantix (varenicline) to help them through the quitting process may want to sip their beers slowly, as this week the FDA approved new warnings that the drug can change the way users react to alcohol. [More]

"Hey, ladies, talk about ED before you guys go on vacation."

Viagra Airing TV Ads Targeted At Women For The First Time

While Viagra is a medication taken for men, they’re not the only ones who could benefit from its use. The makers of the erectile dysfunction treatment have figured out that women are a valuable marketing asset, what with being half of a man-woman horizontal tango, and as such, have started aiming ads at the female of the species for the first time ever. [More]

Cialis One Step Closer To Being Available Over The Counter

Cialis One Step Closer To Being Available Over The Counter

Good news for couples who enjoy holding hands while sitting outside in separate tubs that have no attached plumbing — the makers of Cialis are going to ask federal regulators to consider an over-the-counter version of the popular erectile dysfunction drug. [More]

Does Film-Coated Advil Really Work Faster?

Does Film-Coated Advil Really Work Faster?

Unless you’re allergic to certain non-active ingredients or have you have an unusual sensitivity, generally the brand-name and generic versions of over-the-counter medicines are pretty much the same. Manufacturers keep adding innovations to coax customers away from generic meds, like a film-coated version of Pfizer’s Advil that is supposed to relieve pain faster. Does it? [More]

Pfizer says there is a very slim chance that some Effexor bottles may contain stray Tykosin capsules.

Pfizer Recalls Antidepressant Effexor Because It Is Not A Heart Medicine

Two lots of Pfizer’s Effexor antidepressant and one lot of its generic form, Venlafaxine, have been recalled by Pfizer after a pharmacist discovered a different medicine inside one large bottle of the drug. [More]


Pfizer To Sell Viagra Direct To Consumers Online, Not Through Spam Messages

Do you want all of the ease of ordering Viagra online, with none of the risk that you’re helping support a global spam empire? Soon, you may be in luck! Sort of. Pfizer, makers of Viagra, announced recently that they plan to sell the famed erectile-dysfunction drug directly to consumers, instead of to pharmacies through wholesalers. [More]

The FDA adds new warning to the Z-Pak.

FDA Adds Warning Label On Popular Antibiotic Zithromax Regarding Heart Risks

Plenty of us either know someone or are that person who runs to the doctor to get a prescription for the antibiotic Zithromax (azithromycin) to combat anything from bronchitis to pneumonia. The Z-Pak is a common choice for the ill, as it is taken for fewer days than other meds. But the Food and Drug Administration says it’s adding a new warning label to Zithromax due to a risk for rare but deadly heart rhythms in some patients. [More]

ProPublica's Dollars For Docs tool already lets you sort through available data from some companies.

Govt. To Publish Data On What Drug & Device Makers Pay To Individual Doctors & Hospitals

Want to know if your doctor is receiving free lunches and other perks from Pfizer, GSK or some other huge player in the pharmaceuticals or medical device business? Starting in Sept. 2014, that information will be made available to consumers courtesy of the federal government. [More]

Lyrica is one of two drugs involved in the lawsuit.

Pfizer Hit With $43 Million Settlement For Misleading Marketing Of Drugs

The attorneys general of 33 states and the District of Columbia have reached a $43 million settlement with pharma giant Pfizer over allegations that the company ignored FDA warnings and made misleading marketing claims about its drugs Zyvox and Lyrica. [More]


Lawsuit Accuses Big Pharma Of Using Bogus Expiration Dates To Trick Customers Into Buying More Meds

When it comes to over-the-counter pain pills, many people don’t even think to look at the expiration date on the side of the bottle. But a new class-action lawsuit claims that three of the biggest names in the (legal) drug business are deliberately putting early expiration dates on their products to encourage customers to throw them out and buy new ones. [More]

Maker Of OxyContin Believes Children Are The Future (For Extending Its Patent)

Maker Of OxyContin Believes Children Are The Future (For Extending Its Patent)

The company that makes OxyContin has a good thing going, with lots of free PR from shows like Intervention and Justified and no exact generic equivalent to undercut its market share. But there are dark clouds on the horizon for the OxyContin brand, as its patent is set to expire in April. Now, in a ploy to extend that patent, the Oxy folks are going through the motions of pretending they actually care whether or not children can take the drug safely. [More]

Pfizer To Pay $60 Million To Settle Bribery Allegations

Pfizer To Pay $60 Million To Settle Bribery Allegations

Drug giant Pfizer will have to squirt out $60 million in order to settle allegations from the feds that it bribed foreign companies, violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which forbids companies from making deals by paying off foreign officials. [More]

Drug Companies Pushing Up Prices In Patent-Ending Panic

Drug Companies Pushing Up Prices In Patent-Ending Panic

Get it while you can, big drug companies! Pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer Inc, AstraZeneca and Bristol Meyers Squibb are feeling a little panicky as the deadlines loom on patents for some of their best-selling drugs, so what do they do? Up the prices now, before those pesky generic versions arrive to drive consumer costs down. [More]