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Millennials Aren’t Moving Anywhere, Despite Fewer Obstacles

For many younger consumers, each new year used to bring a new address, whether that meant switching from an apartment to a house, or following their dreams across the country. But the latest generation of millennials apparently aren’t on board with that. [More]

Adam Fagen

9 Things We Learned About How Few Americans Are Regularly Taking Part In The “Sharing Economy”

Though it might feel like you can turn a corner without seeing an ad for this ride-hailing app or that on-demand delivery service, Pew Research Center’s first-ever survey of how American adults interact with the new digital economy shows there’s a big difference between how many people have ever tried one of these services and the people who use them on a regular basis. [More]

Pew data on "smartphone only" access, December, 2015.

Study: Home Broadband Subscriptions Are Falling As More Americans Live By The Smartphone

There’s a general feeling in the air that mobile everything is the wave of the future. Optimized websites, streaming apps, new data packages… everything points to a continuing trend of our lives centering around the pocket computers we all carry and still anachronistically call “phones.” It’s one of those things we all “know,” anecdotally as much as anything else. But now there’s new data showing that not only is the mobile future already here, but also it’s robust enough that consumers are starting to pull the plug on their home internet connections. [More]

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Nearly 7% Of Americans Say Their Smartphone Is Their Only Way To Get Online

We may often joke that losing our smartphone would mean being cut off from the outside world. While that’s likely an exaggeration for many consumers, a new report from The Pew Research Center finds Americans’ reliance on smartphones to stay connected with the rest of the world is very real, especially when it comes to accessing the internet. [More]

Most Pew respondents say that technology helps or has no impact on their productivity.

Employees: Internet Is Vital To Our Work, We Promise We Don’t Just Watch Cat Videos

Some employees might freely admit that at one point or another they’ve been sucked into the unending vortex that is the Internet; whether it be cute cat videos, hilarious memes, in-depth investigative pieces or stalking your former significant others on Facebook. But a new report from Pew Research Center finds that most employees only use the power of the Internet for good, productive things while at work. [More]

The wealth gap between races continues to widen despite recession recovery.

Report: Americans Are Poorer Since The Recession Ended, Wealth Inequality Continues To Increase

While it could be debated to no end whether or not the Great Recession is over, a new report points out that consumers are still worth less money than they were before the bottom fell out of the economy. [More]

College-Educated Consumers With Student Debt Have Median Net Worth Of Just $8,700

College-Educated Consumers With Student Debt Have Median Net Worth Of Just $8,700

It’s no surprise that most college graduates leave with a degree and an excessive amount of student debt. But what was once promoted as a gateway to a better life has left graduates under 40 with lower accumulated wealth and a lower level of satisfaction in their financial situation. [More]

From the Pew Research Center's study "America's Shrinking Middle Class"

Fewer Americans Identify As Middle Class Following The Great Recession

Several years ago, during the Great Recession, Consumerist asked the question many of us were thinking: If everyone is broke, is there still a class system? The answer was, probably, yes. And today it remains the same, even though many Americans are realizing they no longer hold a spot in the middle class. [More]

Millennials Who Chose Not To Attend College Are More Likely To Live In Poverty Than Past Generations

Millennials Who Chose Not To Attend College Are More Likely To Live In Poverty Than Past Generations

The always rising cost of tuition and the number of students graduating college with significant debt might be enough to turn some away from getting a college education. But a new study by the Pew Research Center found that not going to college could be an even more expensive decision. [More]

Wealth Gap Between Whites And Minorities Is Widest In 25 Years

Wealth Gap Between Whites And Minorities Is Widest In 25 Years

The wealth gap between whites and Hispanics has increased to its widest in 25 years, according to new analysis of Census data by the Pew Research Center. We’re talking a 20-1 ratio between whites and blacks, and an 18-1 between whites and Hispanics. Like so many things, it comes down the the housing crisis. [More]

Old Workers Vs. Young In A Tough Labor Market

Old Workers Vs. Young In A Tough Labor Market

Forget about mall-walking and midday bingo games. It seems that workers over 55 just aren’t interested in retiring. This is problematic for the young people who, under different circumstances, would have replaced them in the workforce.