Police Say Trucker Used Bond, James Bond-Style Device To Avoid Paying $95 Toll

Perhaps you think you’re clever, sure, but just because you can pull a James Bond and movie move and rig your car in a way that helps you break the law, doesn’t mean you won’t get in trouble for it. Police in New York say a truck driver tried to skirt the rules by modifying his bumper in such a way that it could flip up and hide his license plate when he went through tolls. [More]


Lululemon Supplier Claims It Made Those See-Through Yoga Pants Exactly To Specifications

Yesterday the fitness world was shocked, simply shocked when high-end exercise clothing company Lululemon Athletica recalled a big batch of black yoga pants for being sheer enough to be see-through. The company blamed one of its suppliers for the Luon fabric snafu, but that company is all like, “Nuh uh. We did just what you said.” [More]