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Clothing Retailer Buckle Had A 6-Month Malware Infection

Buckle is a denim-centric clothing store that sells “medium to better–priced” clothes for men and women. It may not be a household name, but there’s probably a store near you, with around 450 locations in 44 states. The chain admitted over the weekend that its payment systems were infected with malware from Oct. 2016 to April 2017, potentially compromising customers’ payment card data. [More]

Mike Mozart

Eddie Bauer Removed Malware From Payment Systems In All Of Its Stores

In today’s spin of the Wheel of Cybercrime, the affected business is…Eddie Bauer, a clothing and housewares retailer with more than 350 stores across the country. The company confirmed today that its point of sale systems were infected with malware, which has now been removed, and customers’ payment card information may have been compromised. [More]

There’s Another Possible Payment Data Breach At Natural Grocers

There’s Another Possible Payment Data Breach At Natural Grocers

Apparently, natural foods stores are ready to compete with the big grocery chains. No, not on price–Natural Grocers, a small chain of about 93 stores in 15 states that’s based in Colorado has decided to compete with the big chains by possibly having a payment data breach of its very own. This is not the kind of corporate milestone that a growing chain would celebrate. [More]