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Håkan Dahlström

Rumors Swirling Again Over Possible Apple Peer-To-Peer Payment System

It’s like we fell asleep and woke up in 2015: Once again, the rumor mill is whirring along with claims that Apple is working on a Venmo-like peer-to-peer service that would allow people to transfer money to each other with the click of a button. [More]

Mike Mozart

Kohl’s Joins Store-Specific Payment App Party

If you thought that it was confusing to carry around a stack of store charge cards, how about installing a stack of store-specific payment apps on your phone? Now joining Walmart, Cumberland Farms, and other QR code-happy retailers is Kohl’s Pay, a new module inside the store app that many customers already have installed. [More]


Why Does Walmart Think That Its Payment App Will Be Such A Hit?

Walmart hasn’t signed on to accept any mobile payment platforms, including dominant Android Pay and Apple Pay. It was one of the merchants behind the now-dormant CurrentC payment app, and launched its own barcode-based payment service tied to customer accounts on the retailer’s website. While the company claims that their goal is to provide a unified Walmart experience, why isn’t it also willing to let customers use the mobile payment app that they already have? [More]


Walmart Launches Mobile Payment App In Arkansas And Texas

Walmart resisted accepting any of the big mobile payment systems from companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung, instead becoming part of the CurrentC consortium, then developing its own proprietary payment app. As of today, customers can use Walmart Pay at 590 stores in Texas and Arkansas. [More]

Walmart Shoppers Will Soon Be Able To Pay For Their Stuff In Stores Using Retailer’s Smartphone App

Walmart Shoppers Will Soon Be Able To Pay For Their Stuff In Stores Using Retailer’s Smartphone App

In a sign that Walmart might be giving up on CurrentC — a mobile payment system that a consortium led by the retailer dreamed up a few years ago that has yet to become a reality — the chain has announced that shoppers in its stores will soon be able to pay for their stuff with the Walmart smartphone app. [More]