Lottery Players Want A Refund For Buying Losing Tickets To Rigged Games

The fallout of a rigged lottery scheme perpetrated by the former director of security for Des Moines-based Multi-State Lottery Association continues in the form of a lawsuit from hundreds of thousands of people who want refunds for their losing tickets. [More]

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Cox Customers In Florida, Georgia Now Have To Pay Up For Hitting Data Caps

Cox Communications upped it’s data cap to 1 TB per month recently, joining the club with peers AT&T and Comcast. The silver lining was that at the time, only one city’s subscribers had to pay up if they hit the limit. But too bad, so sad: the pool of people who have to cough up cash for using extra data is spreading now, too. [More]


EU Regulators: Apple Owes Ireland $14.5 Billion In Back Taxes

That thing where corporations do anything they can to pay as little tax as possible doesn’t just hit inside the U.S. Companies that relocate part of their operations overseas to avoid an American tax bill still have to pay the taxes they owe to the countries they’re in, and that’s what European antitrust regulators say Apple hasn’t properly done.



Woman Wins $10K From Microsoft For Automatic Windows 10 Upgrade

The chorus of complaints from PC users over how pushy Microsoft has been with its Windows 10 upgrades reached a new level recently, after a woman won a $10,000 judgment against the company for an automatic installation gone wrong that she said seriously mucked up her computer. [More]

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143 NY Nail Salons Ordered To Pay Employees $2M In Back Wages

The New York task force created last year by the state to combat nail salon labor abuses is having an effect on the industry, with the group announcing today that it’s ordered a slew of nail salons to pay millions in back wages to employees. [More]

Terminix Fined $10M After Family Severely Injured By Illegal Pesticide In Luxury Condo

Terminix Fined $10M After Family Severely Injured By Illegal Pesticide In Luxury Condo

You might recall the story of the family from Delaware that became seriously ill after possibly coming into contact with an illegal pesticide at the luxury condo they were vacationing at in the Virgin Islands. Now Terminix is on the hook for $10 million in fines after workers sprayed toxic methyl bromide in the building. [More]

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Hormel Must Pay Workers For The Time It Takes To Put On, Take Off Uniforms

Over the past several years, companies have come under scrutiny for a variety of practices that some see as wage theft, including not providing reimbursement for uniforms, requiring some work to be performed off the clocks, and mandating employees clock out for a break even if they don’t take one. Today, Wisconsin’s highest court found that Hormel Foods owes hundreds of workers back wages for failing to provide compensation for the time spent putting on and taking off required clothing and equipment.  [More]

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Workers Who Secure Parking For NYC Movie Shoots Claim Studios Are Skimping On Pay

Tourists and residents of New York City alike have no doubt seen those ubiquitous neon signs plastered all over lamp posts from time to time, which serve to alert car owners that they won’t be able to park there on a certain day or days because of a movie or TV crew that will be shooting there. It’s one part of an unglamorous job in the entertainment business, but someone’s got to do it — and those people are now suing the studios over claims they’re not paid enough for often long, thankless hours they put in, often in less than ideal conditions. [More]

Android Pay Opening The Doors To In-App Purchases Starting Today

Android Pay Opening The Doors To In-App Purchases Starting Today

A few months after Google launched Android Pay into the wild, the company says the payment system will make the hop from tap-and-pay transactions at stores to include in-app purchases as well. [More]

Samsung Agrees To Pay Apple $548M To Settle 5-Year Patent Battle

Samsung Agrees To Pay Apple $548M To Settle 5-Year Patent Battle

It’s been a long time coming, but Samsung and Apple’s ongoing patent battle has finally come to an end: a little under five years since the two technology giants first clashed in court over patents, Samsung has agreed to pay $548 million to settle the long-running dispute with Apple.


McDonald’s Will Pay $355K To Settle Claims That It Discriminated Against Immigrant Workers

McDonald’s Will Pay $355K To Settle Claims That It Discriminated Against Immigrant Workers

McDonald’s has agreed to pay $355,000 in civil penalties as part of a settlement with the U.S. Justice Department, to resolve claims that the company discriminated against legal immigrants in the workplace.



Court Awards $95K To Ferrari Owner Whose Car Was Seized, Auctioned Off After DWI Arrest

There must be something in the air today, as luxury cars are making news headlines left and right: Joining the mysterious, abandoned Lamborghini in the news spotlight is the owner of a Ferrari who successfully sued after police seized and auctioned off his car after a DWI arrest in 2009.


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Jury Orders Apple To Pay $532.9M After Finding That iTunes Software Infringes On 3 Patents

Apple is on the hook for a hefty wad of cash after a Texas jury found its iTunes software infringes on three patents held by a company called Smartflash LLC. It’s been ordered to hand over $532.9 million, and has pledged to appeal the verdict.



Airbnb Pays “Tens Of Millions” To San Francisco To Settle Hotel Tax Bill

Airbnb finally gave in to San Francisco’s demands that it fork over a bunch of cash to pay back-taxes after failing to pay the city’s 14% hotel tax going back a few years. Airbnb wouldn’t say how much it had paid, but officials had said it ran into the millions of dollars.


Slip-On Keyboard Company Has To Pay BlackBerry $860K For Continuing To Sell iPhone Accessory

Slip-On Keyboard Company Has To Pay BlackBerry $860K For Continuing To Sell iPhone Accessory

BlackBerry’s trying its very best to stay relevant, and as such, it’s going after one company that actually seems to admire its phone design: After suing the makers of a slip-on iPhone keyboard by Typo Products that was similar to its own keyboard and successfully nabbing an injunction against sales of the accessory, BlackBerry will now get $860,000 after it claimed the company continued to sell the product.


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CFPB Orders ‘Buy-Here, Pay-Here’ Auto Dealer DriveTime To Pay $8M Penalty For Unfair Debt Collection Practices

For the first time in its existence the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau took action against a so-called “buy-here, pay-here” vehicle dealer, ordering the company to pay $8 million and fix its egregious ways. [More]

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Red Bull Will Pay $13 Million To Settle False Advertising Lawsuit

Because you can’t believe every cartoon that says drinking a can of energy drink will cause you to suddenly sprout wings and float into the sky, Red Bull has agreed to pay more than $13 million to settle a lawsuit that was seeking class-action status to settle claims of false advertising.


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Shoe retailer DSW is on the line for $900,000 after agreeing to settle an age discrimination lawsuit brought by former employees, who said the company fired older workers just because of their ages. And if other employees refused to fire workers based on their age, the plaintiffs claimed DWS retaliated against them as well.