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Windshield Locks Could Be Parking Enforcement’s New Tool of Choice

Putting a boot on a car to crack down on illegally parked vehicles could be a thing of the past in at least one city, where parking enforcement officials are considering an alternative mechanism: a windshield lock that makes it impossible for parking violators to see anything, preventing them from driving away [More]

Court Tosses Truck Owner’s Parking Citation Because Of A Missing Comma

Court Tosses Truck Owner’s Parking Citation Because Of A Missing Comma

It pays to read everything carefully — or rather, you might not have to pay a fine if you’re as sharp-eyed as one Ohio woman. She ended up having a parking citation tossed by an appeals court, all because she noticed there was a comma missing in the local law. [More]

Man's Car Is Stolen, He's Left With $1,242 Towing Bill

Back in 2009, my little Daihatsu Charade hatchback was stolen from outside my Brooklyn apartment (presumably in some car thief contest to see who could swipe the crappiest vehicle). It eventually showed up two weeks later with less than a mile added to the odometer, and I got stuck with a $225 towing bill. But that’s pocket change compared to the fee being charged a Seattle driver. [More]

Delaware Drivers Getting Booted For Unpaid Tickets That Aren't Theirs

It can be annoying to get mail for your home’s previous tenant, or phone calls intended for a person who had your phone number years earlier. But when you get a new license plate from your state’s DMV, you don’t expect that you’ll have to answer for someone else’s unpaid parking tickets. [More]