Chris Goldberg

4 Things We Learned About Working In A Poultry Plant

For years, reports have surface related to the mistreatment of chickens — and other animals — that are destined for our dinner tables. What we hear about less frequently are the working conditions for those employed by the nation’s biggest poultry producers. [More]

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Researchers Teaming With Oxfam To Develop Toilet That Uses Urine To Generate Electricity

In an effort to bring sustainable sources of light to dark places, researchers working with Oxfam are working on a toilet that uses urine to generate electricity, in turn lighting up lavatories in places like refugee camps. [More]

Report: Hunger Games Studio Goes After Anti-Hunger Organization

Report: Hunger Games Studio Goes After Anti-Hunger Organization

You probably haven’t heard that there’s a small independent movie — apparently based on a little-known series of books — called The Hunger Games that’s getting a limited release this weekend. Well, the studio behind that film is trying to stop an anti-hunger group from cashing in on the Hunger Games name. [More]