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Sex Manual Returned 54 Years Late After Failing To Save Library Patron’s Marriage

When you’re turning to a sex manual from the 1920s for help in your failing marriage, well, let’s just say you can’t blame a book if it can’t be revived. But at least the family of a library patron who failed to return a 1926 how-to guide all the way back in 1959 has managed to finally bring it back, albeit 54 years late. [More]

Reader Returns Overdue Library Book After 41 Years, Pays $299 Fine

Some people need a little more time than others to read a book, like the person who had been holding on to an overdue library book for 41 years but recently decided to turn it in, along with hundreds of dollars in fines. [More]

That Overdue ‘Twilight’ Book & DVD Could Get You Arrested

That Overdue ‘Twilight’ Book & DVD Could Get You Arrested

For more than four years we’ve been telling you about libraries turning to the police to crack down on overdue items, and yet some book-borrowing people out there have not gotten the message. Thus, a woman in New Mexico recently spent a night in jail because she spent two years not returning a copy of sparkly vampire novel Twilight and the DVD of one of the films in the series.