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Several Microsoft Services — Including Xbox Live, Outlook — Suffering Outages

Consumers looking to use Microsoft’s Xbox Live, Outlook, and other services are likely having a difficult time this afternoon, as the company is currently suffering an outage. [More]

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Microsoft Cloud Services Locks You Out Of Your Digital Life, Won’t Explain Why

Microsoft wants to be the provider of all of your cloud services, from webmail (Outlook) to storage (SkyDrive), aiming for the same market as cloud services from competitors like Google and Apple. The new product has a lot of fans, including Josh. Well, Josh was a big fan until Microsoft abruptly locked him out of his account and won’t tell him why.


Hotmail, we hardly knew ye.

Hotmail Going The Way Of The Dinosaur As Microsoft Opens Outlook To The Public

I remember the giddiness of being freed from the yoke of a paid AOL membership, ready to choose my very own email address instead of the one my dad had set up. I probably searched AltaVista or asked Jeeves before finding I could set up a free account at Hotmail.com. It was a heady feeling, one of liberation and unbounded email opportunities. Fast forward to the present, when those still faithful to Hotmail are no doubt mourning its impending demise. [More]

GM Recalls Nearly 1 Million Vehicles With Defective Windshield Wiper Systems

GM Recalls Nearly 1 Million Vehicles With Defective Windshield Wiper Systems

Can your late-model GM vehicle melt snow and ice with a blast of heated windshield wiper fluid? It might be one of 944,000 vehicles with a faulty heating system that can cause odors, smoke, or even a surprise car fire.

Job Ideas For 2008

Job Ideas For 2008

If you’re looking to increase your salary, change or start a career, or just get a new job now that your old one has dried up and blown away, MarketWatch has a list of job growth areas and trouble spots for 2008.

Painlessly Divorce Outlook And Your Crackberry

Painlessly Divorce Outlook And Your Crackberry

Mike Elgan describes how he was able to dump outlook, move all his data to online services, and can now use any phone he wants: