For all six of you Americans out there who use a Symbian phone, SymbianGear is offering one free app per day for 10 days. You’ve already missed days 1 & 2, but they’ve got 7 more to go if you’re interested. (Today is Texas Holdem). [SymbianGear via]

If your phone uses the Symbian S60 operating system (most Nokia phones, and a few from Samsung), you can purchase QuickOffice Premiere 5.0 for $1.00 for today only. The software, which lets you edit Microsoft Office 2007 files, usually costs around $70. [Quickoffice via All About Symbian]

Motorola Flip-Flops On Flap Failure

Motorola Flip-Flops On Flap Failure

When reader Stuart bought his Motorola Razr V3XX, he was pleased with the phone but could not understand why the tiny flap covering the charger port was held in place by only 2 fragile plastic hinges. As if channeling the spirit of Nostradamus, Stuart made a startling prediction: This flimsy flap will fail. And it did. Twice. The first time, Motorola happily sent Stuart a new flap. But when the flap failed again 8 months later, Motorola unleashed a volley of red tape that left Stuart stuck. Stuart’s letter and Motorola’s response inside…

Nokia Recalls 46 Million Defective Batteries

Nokia Recalls 46 Million Defective Batteries

Nokia has recalled 46 million defective Chinese-made batteries according to the New York Times. The batteries can overheat and dislodge during charging. Nokia promises to replace the batteries at no cost to the consumer.

Nokia "Repairing" Man's Phone For Over 3 Months

Bob sent in his Nokia for repairs. He expected it back in 10 days. It’s been 3 months.

Cellphone Didn’t Ignite Man On Fire

Cellphone Didn’t Ignite Man On Fire

Turns that the man in the polyester suit who caught on fire in his hotel, well, it wasn’t his Nokia cellphone that started the conflagration.

Nokia, Cingular to Try Mastercard Test in NYC

Nokia, Cingular to Try Mastercard Test in NYC

Good news for those of you who don’t fear ID theft. Nokia, Cingular, Mastercard and Citi are testing some crap that lets you pay for things with a cell phone. The phones will use the “Mastercard Pay Pass” system that’s already installed in some stores. If you live in NYC and are accepted into the trial, you get a free phone. You need to be a Citi account holder and a Cingular user. Let us know how you like it and if your ID gets stolen. Good luck. —MEGHANN MARCO

HOWTO: Unlock Your Phone

HOWTO: Unlock Your Phone

Now that your phone is your own, you can unlock it. Depending on the type of phone it is, unlocking can be as simple as getting a code from your phone company, or as difficult as “drilling into a shield over the main circuit board to tap into the right contacts and kicking the phone into a special diagnostic mode to get at the unlocking code.” Uh, yeah. Thankfully there are smart people at PC Magazine who can give us the lowdown on the formerly shady practice of unlocking a cell phone.Yay!

Best Unlocked Phones

The recent Copyright Office ruling on unlocking GSM phones puts some much-needed power back in the hands of you, the wireless consumer. This means you can now bring your Cingular phone over to T-Mobile, or vice-versa. You also have the right to switch between prepaid and postpaid service on the same phone. And when you travel abroad, you can pop an international SIM card into your phone for much lower rates.

Nokia Allows Online Firmware Upgrades

Nokia Allows Online Firmware Upgrades

Save the stamps, Nokia will now let owners upgrade their firmware online by going here

Add Bling To Your Ring

Add Bling To Your Ring

At a certain time, having a cell phone in and of itself was a bold proclamation of wealth and status. Then more trashy people started getting them. “Oh, I’m just standing in line at the bank, talking on my cel-LEE!” some flabby whore would shriek to an invisible stranger on the other end as you stood behind her in line at the very same bank. In a world where cell phone technology is as ubiquitous as the existence of human bovine trailer trash, how is the savvy and opulent consumer supposed to proclaim their status?

Buying Bargain Nokia Bears Bitter Ironies

Buying Bargain Nokia Bears Bitter Ironies

It’s time for The Consumerist to play matchmaker.