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Google Play Saga Becomes A Cautionary Tale For Customer Service Staff

Tim put his faith in Google. He ordered up a Chromecast video streaming device and a Nexus 4 smartphone from the Google Play store, canceling his existing cell phone plan before a planned move. Then his package from Google didn’t come. The Chromecast was backordered, but his phone wasn’t. Still the package didn’t come, even though the phone was supposed to ship separately. [More]


Software Update Turns Nexus 4 Into Expensive, Slippery Paperweight

There was nothing earth-shattering or all that new about the newest update to the Android mobile operating system, Jelly Bean 4.3. However, some owners of the device that Google itself designed and sells directly, the Nexus 4 smartphone, report that the update turned their phones into glossy paperweights, and it’s not clear why. [More]

Google’s ‘For Any Reason’ Return Policy Does Not Include ‘Because I Broke It’

Google’s ‘For Any Reason’ Return Policy Does Not Include ‘Because I Broke It’

Amanda bought a Nexus 4 smartphone direct from Google, and put it in a case the next day. Like many other readers we’ve heard from, her phone plunged to its doom, shattering the screen. She had time on her side, though: it was only ten days since she had bought the phone, and Google’s posted return policy says that you can return a device in the first fifteen days “for any reason.” But is “because I broke it” a valid reason? [More]


T-Mobile Can’t Provide Me With A Free Micro SIM That’s Micro, Or That’s Free

Teri is a T-Mobile customer, and she needed a micro-SIM for her new unlocked Nexus 4. This is supposedly a free item when you order it from T-Mobile’s website, but is not free when they send you the wrong SIM, and you call to complain and get them to rectify the situation. Then it costs $27. [More]

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More Nexus 4 Phones Plummet To The Ground, Smash Themselves

Google is always innovating. They’ve brought us the beginnings of a consumer fiber network, smart glasses, driverless cars, and even bringing donkeys back to life. One little-known Google project is the Nexus 4 smartphone, which is unlocked, shiny, and comes with its own field of gravity that pulls it to the ground, violating all known laws of physics. Or so our readers tell us.



Nexus 4 Owners: Really Unlucky Or Just Really Clumsy

Earlier this week, we asked owners of Google’s new Nexus 4 smartphone whether they’ve found it exceptionally slippery. It was part warning, part user poll. Reader Blaine thought that his phone got all smashed up after falling off an ironing board in a way that sort of defies the laws of physics because of its curved back and super shiny surface. Sad Nexus owners wrote in, but so did tech fans who wanted to defend the honor of Google and manufacturer LG. The consensus? Don’t put your phone on a non-flat surface, and accessory makers really need to hurry up with those bumper cases. [More]

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Has Your Nexus 4 Toppled To The Floor?

Blaine ordered the new LG-made Nexus 4 smartphone from Google. He really liked it…right up until the scratch-proof glass coating and curved back made it topple off a cloth-covered ironing board and onto the floor, shattering the screen. The bumper case that would have prevented this disaster is, of course, backordered. Consider yourselves warned, Nexus 4 owners. [More]

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Nexus 4 And 10 Purchasers Just Want To Know Where Their Devices Are

Google announced a fresh assortment of Nexus mobile devices last week, so regular readers know what that means: a fresh assortment of reader complaints about the experience of ordering from Google. As we’ve noted pretty much every time the company releases a consumer-facing product, the company makes great products that consumers want, but still aren’t all that great at dealing with those customers. Tuesday’s release of the Nexus 4 (phone) and Nexus 10 (big tablet) worldwide were no different. Many customers whose orders got through before the Nexus 4 sold out (or did it?) aren’t sure when their phones are coming…if they’re coming at all. [More]

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Sorry, You Can’t Buy Nexus Devices With Your $350 Google Play Store Credit

Michael’s plan seemed like a really great idea at the time he hatched it. He wanted to make sure that he would have the money for a Nexus 4 set aside, so he purchased $350 worth of credit for the Google Play store. The phone’s available for sale there, so this made perfect sense. Until the phone actually launched. When he could finally get through to place his order, he learned that Play Store credit specifically couldn’t be used on Nexus devices. Oh, no. [More]