Newark Liberty International Airport

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United Airlines Opening Fully Automated Airport Screening Lanes

In an effort to ease congestion at security checkpoints — like last year’s unholy traffic jams during the busiest season for travel — United Airlines has outfitted an entire airport terminal in New Jersey with automated screening lanes. [More]

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United Gets Off Easy, Pays $2.4M Penalty For Using Planes To Chauffeur Airport Exec To Vacation Home

Last year, United Airlines CEO Jeff Smisek abruptly resigned amid a federal investigation into allegations that the airline had provided illegal special favors to an official in charge of Newark Liberty International Airport — including relaunching a route to South Carolina that just happened to be near a home owned by that official. United has now agreed to pay $2.4 million to settle a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation into these allegations — just a tiny portion of the financial benefit the airline received as a result of this back-room dealing. [More]


Newark Airport Terminal Locked Down Sunday Night After Security Breach

People traveling through Newark Liberty International Airport on Sunday were in for a bit of a wait, as authorities locked down Terminal C for more than two hours after a man breached security. [More]

Two Newark Airport Stores Will No Longer Sell Drones

Two Newark Airport Stores Will No Longer Sell Drones

It isn’t just the skies around Newark Liberty International that have been seeing drones lately — until recently, two stores inside the airport were selling unmanned aerial vehicles. [More]

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Pilots Report Seeing Drone In The Path Of Several Planes Near Newark Airport

It’s not a bird and it’s not a plane, but a drone is a very dangerous thing to have in the air when it’s not supposed to be, as officials in New York and New Jersey would like to remind people after a spate of recent drone sightings. In the latest incident, crews on four different flights spotted a drone in the path of airplanes near Newark Airport on Sunday. [More]

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FAA Investigating Cluster Of 11 Laser Hits On Planes Flying Near Newark Airport

They might seem like harmless flashes of light to those of us on the ground, but lasers can seriously disrupt planes in flight, most notably when they hit pilots in the eyes, potentially causing injuries. That’s why the Federal Aviation Administration is taking reports of 11 separate laser incidents near Newark Liberty International Airport in one night very seriously. [More]