Whatever Happened To GeoCities, Lycos, Netscape & Other Giants Of Web 1.0?

Long before Facebook and Twitter, well before even Friendster and MySpace, before the first dotcom bubble burst, in the eons before Google was a glint in anyone’s eye, there was the first web. In comparison to everything that’s come after it, you could call it Web 1.0 or perhaps even just “the dark ages.” But for anyone born before, say, 1990, this was the dawn of our now-ubiquitous digital world. But as the digital giants of yesteryear have been replaced by the now-ubiquitous Facebook and Google, how many are still in play now?


Wells Fargo's Website Wants You To Use Netscape Navigator For Security Reasons

Wells Fargo's Website Wants You To Use Netscape Navigator For Security Reasons

I recently tried to sign up for online access to my Wells Fargo Financial account. I am on a mac and use Firefox or Safari – depending on my mood.

AOL Exec Chimes In About “The Call”

AOL Exec Chimes In About “The Call”

The Washington Post asked Jason Calacanis, an AOL exec and headmaster of Weblogs Inc, what he thought of the infamous AOL call. Here’s our responses, in brevis, to what he blogged.

Diggers Tell Netscape To Fuck Itself

Diggers Tell Netscape To Fuck Itself

CK Sample Calls Our AOL Story Lousey

CK Sample Calls Our AOL Story Lousey

An anchor commentator at AOL-owned questiond the veracity of our post, “AOL Wants to Sell “Internet” to the Dead.

Pith & Vinegar; Irony Available in 26 New Colors

• Digg users rush to fill AOL’s Digg ripoff with stories about AOL’s Digg ripoff, inadvertently swelling the member list AOL can tout to advertisers in the process. [Valleywag]