Diggers Tell Netscape To Fuck Itself

We love Netscape. They’re just so cute! Ever since they responded to our AOL Wants to Sell “Internet” to the Dead by claiming “there is no corroborating evidence… something smacks of the urban legend or mythology in this piece” we’ve just adored them. It takes balls to be that painfully bought out.

After all, what’s so hard to believe? According to AOL, a cancellation is just a sales lead.

Anyway, Netscape’s got a bit of an image problem since they got purchased by AOL and dropped browser development. As you know, they’ve recently re-envisioned themselves as a sort of Web 1.5 digg, with each site recommended by an editor.

Diggers have been none too thrilled by Netscape’s attempts to jump on their cool kid bandporsche. And looks like the community struck back, via a nasty little Javascript exploit that greeted all users with “a four letter word of Anglo-Saxon origin but obscure etymology.” Then it greeted all diggers with a triumphant hail and a hearty well-met. Score one for digg.

Netscape vs. Digg [The Register] (Thanks, JPac!)

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