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(Ben Balter)

This Will Be Fun: $3,500 Fine For Bad Online Review Is Going To Court

The saga of the couple fined $3500 for writing a negative review of a company back in 2008 continues and now, it’s going to court. [More]


Customer Writes Negative Review After Never Receiving Order, Site Fines Her $3.5K

UPDATE 11/18: We’ve been in touch with Jen after numerous readers reached out to Consumerist saying they wanted to help with her case. She’s going to keep us in the loop about her situation, but wanted share a message with those who’ve been supporting her and her husband. “If you could just convey to everyone how much we deeply appreciate all the support the internet has generated, that would be wonderful,” Jen writes. Our readers are the best. [More]


Some Negative Reviews Are Like When Your Dad Says He’s Not Mad, He’s Just Disappointed

You’re 16 and just came home reeking of Peppermint Schnapps, and have failed at making it into your bedroom undetected by your parents. Here it comes: You’re totally gonna be grounded, no more phone in your room and absolutely no AOL time. But wait, what’s this? Dad isn’t mad — he’s just disappointed in you. And there it is, the worst punishment ever — being told more is expected of you and you’ve failed. Turns out reviewers try this same treatment on the retailers they love the most. [More]